These are website that I have found and regularly check to keep learning about photography. They are great, filled with tons of information, tips, books, tutorials, how to, reviews, etc. They also help to get in touch with the photographer’s community. I highly recommend that you subscribe to their newsletters or YouTube channels to keep up with the most recent information about Photography.

(They are listed without any specific order or relevance)

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

Tony and Chelsea are great with tutorials and explaining all the details about photography. They have great books that cover all the topics to get started with photography (I personally own a couple of them). What I like the most about Tony and Chelsea is that they transmit their experience and knowledge in a very simply easy way to understand and provide you with a lot of examples, tips and tricks to help you improve your skills. Their YouTube channel is very active, and they post very interesting videos. They also have a podcast that I highly recommend you listen to.

Youtube channel

Digital Photography School

This website is a great source of articles that are written by different Photographers all over the world. It is the perfect place to connect with people that enjoy doing Photography. They also offer tons of courses with very good prices and even discounts. I recommend you subscribe to their newsletter

Cambridge in Colour

I found this website fill of very technical explanations on how Photography works. Some topics are a little bit more advanced, but they also have basic level information. This website is great if you want to expand your technical knowledge about Photography. They have a great book that covers a lot of topics and filled with tips.

Marc Levoy

Here you can find a complete Photography course, that covers all from history, theory, technology and practical examples. Some parts are very theoretical and advanced, but it is great to understand the physics behind photography (light, color, lenses, etc.). The history parts are fascinating, you learn how Photography has been evolving and changing over time.

Digital Photography Review

Another great site with lots of reviews (as the name of the website) of cameras, lenses, gear, etc. They keep everything updated with the latest information about the industry. They have a fun section with some challenges where you can submit your photos and participate, it helps you with topics to shoot, and you can see what other people is shooting and get some tips.

Jare Polin

I really like and enjoy watching Jared´s videos. He adds a comic tone to his videos, but he still provides with a lot of helpful information about photography, gear, and industry updates. You should follow his Photo News Fix on his YouTube channel (and subscribe to his channel), they are great. Another thing that I like about Jared is that he makes real world reviews of cameras and lenses and provide with lots of tips and feedback.

YouTube channel

Digital Photo Mentor

Darlene provides wonderful tutorials and tips. She also offers workshops on specific locations (I really want to get one of this, I hope in the near future I can participate in one of these). I like her style because she is kind of traveler photographer. I can learn from her to be better with my pictures from my travels. But she also has regular tutorials to get you started with photography.

I think this list can just keep going, there are tons of great Photographers with terrific website and tutorials, tips, courses, etc. Please let me know of any other great website/photographer you normally follow.